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In the digital era, where the “Internet” has made our world a smaller place and a lot of things are just a few clicks away, it is perhaps not so surprising to see the rise of Online Classes today. With these evolutions, we have seen the applications of ICT in education sector boost learners’ skills & empowered them to meet the new requirements of changing world. However, the rise of Online Classes or E-learning portal, somewhere lagging in developing a platform which not only supplements learner’s Academic Education but also upscales their 21st -Century Skills combined with Technology. With the demand of time and requirements of Future Industries, Qrocity-“A Knowledge City” is a platform which come forward to provide STEAM skills through interactive modules that will transform the learners to prepare them for the unknown.

E-learning has opened up new avenues globally in education and changed the dynamics of educational content. E-learning has overcome the challenges of reaching diverse audiences and non-availability of adequately qualified teachers in remote areas and making rich content available to viewers, which was previously unavailable. Thus, with its uncountable merits, e-learning has helped educate many learners. Taking these points into consideration, Qrocity is a step ahead with an objective to empower Educational Institutes with “Diversified Technology” to reform the leaders of Virtual Generation. The digital content / syllabus has been designed in such a way that it is accessible to the general public to facilitate Hands-on Exploration amalgamated with Scientific and Mathematics Conceptual understanding in-context of Technology.

This platform is designed to provide an “Innovative” and ”Creative” Learning Environment for Young Learners, which enables them to explore the world of interactive Learning based on 21st-Century Skills. As we know that the children’s brain is Creative and eager to discover new things around themselves. The introduction of automated learning not only supplements their academic learning, but also help them to understand the technology around them. Our E- Learning Session on smart technology like AI, Animation, Game Development, Language-Based Coding etc. are designed to foster essential life skills at the age where their young minds are developing at their fastest. This has empowered them to grow and become the creator rather just a user.

It has been noted that children at home spend a lot of their time playing video games, watching animated series or surfing the internet. Also Keeping these points into mind, we are offering a full-fledged online courses on different Technologies to engage them in a constructive way. These courses enable learners to explore “Virtual Learning” and develop skills to build hands on projects. With this platform, we aim to ignite learner’s mind to think out of the box and build strong foundation with computational skills, enhance their tinkering skills, Improve their problem-solving skills and many more. Thus, let endorse our kids towards the new era of 21st Learning with the touch of “Experiential Learnings”.

  • Interactive and Engaging AI-based Sessions
  • Evaluation of Individual Progression Rate through Intermediate Assessments
  • Provide strong Science and Mathematics concepts infused with Technology like Coding, Gaming, Animation, AI or CAD etc
  • Meeting all standards of Blooms Taxonomy
  • Availability of Recorded Session 6. Feedback Sessions with Learners and Parents with 24X7 Tech Support

A team of experienced STEM educators, instructional designers, technocrats, content developers, and coders work in sync to prepare the courses for Qrocity.


  • Junior Coder Junction
  • Early Coding

Qrocity takes the tech learning for kids to a new level with interactive courses that do not require the teachers to be present during the sessions. The young learners don’t feel an iota of the burden while learning. The students and their respective schools can keep a track of performance through comprehensive reports.

Currently, the courses are designed for learners starting from 5 years and onwards. Though, anyone who wants to acquire tech skills in a simple and fun manner can opt for them. Soon, we will introduce courses for college students.

The coding and other related programs are designed so that even a beginner can fully grasp the basic concepts. The flow, of course, is such that the interest to learn coding intensifies with each session.

While searching for new learning possibilities for your kids, you often wonder whether coding classes are suitable for your young kids or not. Well, the good news is that early coding lessons on this portal are tailor-made for kids 5 years and older. Rather than complex algorithms or codes, the focus is one developing a problem-solving mindset. The virtual environment for coding is vibrant and intuitive, which makes coding look like a puzzle game rather than some complicated task.

The online coding sessions not only develop a programming mindset with basic coding skills but also instill additional skills, such as:

  • Vocabulary
  • Designing skills
  • Basic Artistic skills
  • Game designing

Scratch is a programming language specifically designed for beginners. There are pre-programmed blocks on the screen that the users need to arrange in sequential order to run a program. The programming screen is colorful with properly labeled blocks that make coding fun and insightful at the same time.

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