Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Before we provide you with all the existing services and content available within our website, we request you to review the following terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions” and the “Privacy Policy accessible *here*. These Terms and Conditions are an agreement between you and Stem 126 (owners of www.qrocity.com). It is important that you as a member understand both the benefits we provide from the services and contents and our limitations.

Acceptance of Terms and Condition.

By accessing and using this website/mobile application www.qrocity.com, you hereby agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of the Website. If you are representing on behalf of an institution or any other entity, such institution/ entity is also bound by these Terms and Conditions.


For using the services present in our Website or our mobile application, it is necessary for you to register yourself first. You represent and warrant that you have the right, authority, and the capacity to enter into the agreement with us either on your own or through a parent/ guardian while abiding towards all the Terms and Conditions along with the Privacy Policy.

We may revise these Terms and Conditions as we update the website / mobile application and the services provided by us from time to time, therefore, we request you to keep visiting this page on a regular basis to take notice of any changes made. By accessing or using our services in this website/ mobile application and further by registering your account on this website/ mobile application, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with any part of this Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy, then please stop using our services immediately.

Scope of services


The courses have been designed for 5+ age members to 25+ age members. The parents/ guardians will need to provide their communication details, including email and phone number and acknowledge the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for registering the details of a minor for undertaking the courses.

Downloadable Content

We will provide the member an option to download the guidelines which are required to be undertaken by the member during a course either themselves or through the assistance of their parent/ guardian. We will also be providing the member with a handbook which will provide assistance to the member undertaking the course. These documents would be available for the member registered for such course on a limited, non-exclusive, non-assignable, and non-transferable basis and cannot be shared with third party. The documents being provided to you are copyrighted and owned by Stem 126.

What you get from us?

We will be providing you with an option to undertake various courses with vast age compatibility. The courses will be available for members of age 5+ to members of age 25+ and will be broken down in multiple sessions so that it provides the opportunity to the member to understand each session separately. We will also be providing guidelines and handbooks which will assist the member during the course. The member will also have an option to choose between basic, intermediate, or full course in different courses. After successful completion of the course, the member will also be receiving a course completion certificate from our website. The certification will be provided digitally. However, we may implement an option to provide physical certificate by paying additional charges. The member will also have the access to our blog where we will provide regular updates and articles relating to the courses.

Signing up for our services

For signing up for our services you must create a Qrocity account with us either through the website or through the application which will be implemented soon. You will need to fill in their details including the name, email address, phone number, and city. We will provide a one time password to the registered email address/ phone number for verification purposes after which your account would be enabled. You will then need to choose the appropriate course which you are interested in. We provide each course with three levels: Basic course, intermediate course, and full course. Please refer to our website for details relating to each course along with the cost of each course.

Note: It is necessary that you accept our cookies which are required to run the website/ application. If you do not accept the cookies or if you revoke access to cookies at any stage, you will not be able to access the website/ application or the courses provided.

Note II: The parent/ guardian of a minor will need to read and acknowledge the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and abide by the same while registering the minor for membership in the website/ mobile application along with providing the necessary communication details.

Payment methods

We will introduce several third party payment methods for your convenience for payment of the courses you get enrolled in. You are obliged to go through the privacy policy and terms of use of your preferred payment method before accepting the same.


Upon your successful registration we will grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-assignable, and non-transferable license to access the website/ mobile application.

Note: The access to the website/ mobile application shall at all times be governed by all of the Terms and Conditions  and Privacy Policy.

Privacy of Data

Your privacy is important to us. The Qrocity policy is available *here* . Please refer to the same to understand the manner in which we and our service providers, collect, use, and share the data which is collected from you/ provided by you.

Cancellation of a Course

In case you are not interested in continuing with a course, you are entitled to a full refund after the 1st session of the course, if you convey the same to us either through the website or by emailing to support@qrocity.com  within a period of 2 days.

You will be provided the refund within a period of 2 weeks from the date of cancellation.

Note: If you start the 2nd session of the course or if you do not inform us about the course you want refund on via Email within the aforementioned period, then you shall not be eligible for any refund.


We will be introducing a website/ application based achievement module which will be termed as “Gamification” this will allow you to show case your overall achievement of the available courses in website/ mobile application. This will also vary based on your completion of a specific course. We will also be implementing group based activities wherein the members will be able to see each other’s achievements within the website/ mobile application.

Note: You will have an option to disable showcasing your achievements.

Your obligations

  1. You are obliged to provide the true and correct information to us. In case any information you have provided to us is incorrect/ outdated/ misleading please contact us at support@qrocity.com to understand the steps for rectifying the information.
  2. You are obliged to be responsible for your own account. While strive to protect your data and information safely, it is necessary that you do not share your user credentials to anyone else. We do not ask for your otp or password through calls or emails and you should not share the same with anyone. In case you receive any email or call requesting the otp or password, please decline and inform us immediately with all the relevant details at support@qrocity.com . If you share your account with third party for any reason whatsoever, we have the right to terminate your account. If you believe that your account has been compromised by a third party, please contact us immediately on the aforementioned email address so that we can suspend the account and assist in recovering the same.
  3. You are obliged to indemnify us (i.e. the website, mobile application, Stem 126, affiliates, directors, agents, and employees) from and against all complaints, demands, claims, damages, losses, costs, liabilities, and expenses, including attorney fees, arising due to:
    1. You accessing this website/ mobile application
    2. You breaching the Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy
    3. You breaching the laws or any third party rights
  4. You are obliged to ensure that the browser/ mobile application you are using is always updated. While we provide regular updates to improve compatibility with newer devices/ browsers, if you do not update the same, it may result in incapability of your device/ browser to support the application/ website. You must also ensure that you are able to access the payment gateways required for purchasing the courses.
  5. In case of a minor member, the parent/ guardian is obliged to read and accept the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions and shall be accountable to adhere to the same. The parent/ guardian shall also be responsible for providing their own communication details while registering the name of the minor in the website/ mobile application.

Restrictions on You

  1. You agree that you shall not interfere with the application/ website or access the restricted areas of the website/ application at any time. You will not introduce any viruses/ trojans or similar malicious software/ hack tools, bots, or any application to scrape any user information. If you attempt to tamper or tamper any part of the website/ mobile application, we have the right to terminate your account immediately and will initiate the necessary legal actions against you.
  2. Further, while we use antivirus software on our website/ mobile application to keep the files free from viruses. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a compatible antivirus/ antimalware software present on your device to check for any viruses. We will not be responsible for any damage due to virus/ malware on your device.
  3. No commercial usage- You are granted the access to the course on a limited, non-exclusive, non-assignable, and non-transferable basis for personal use. You are not allowed to provide any third party to access your account or the services provided to your through your account. You are also not allowed to share any documents provided to you, including but not limited to the guidelines, and the handbook for the course purchased by you.
  4. No illegal use- You shall not use this website/ mobile application for committing any kind of fraud, embezzlement, or any other unlawful/ illegal purpose.

Intellectual Property

  1. All the content present in this website/ mobile application except for the services provided by third parties, is our intellectual property. This includes all the images, illustrations, graphics, video clips, texts, trademarks, documents, videos, medias, blog posts, stories, fictional characters, names etc. (“App content”).
  2. You are being provided limited, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, non-assignable, and revocable license to access the website/ mobile application and the courses you have purchased. You are not entitled to distribute, duplicate, create derivative works, display, or commercially exploit the App content or features, facilities, directly or indirectly, without our written consent in advance. You may only share selective content which has been allowed to be shared by using the “share button” present next to it.

Regulatory changes

Please note that the technology provided by us is constantly changing and improving. We may bring in changes to the services being provided as and when required. We may also need to modify our services as per to the regulatory guidelines we are subjected to. While we will provide our best efforts to make sure that the services rendered to you are not disrupted, we will not be responsible if you are not able to use all or part of the services being rendered through this website or mobile application.

Third Party Liabilities

In order to provide you the services, we need to use third party services. This includes using the learning management system, cloud storage, live chats etc. to enhance the services provided to you. While we only provide the specific information as required to the third party for rendering the services, it is your responsibility to read their privacy policy and terms and conditions, the details of which are present in our Privacy Policy.

Note: We do not accept any liabilities that may arise from our use or reliance on such third-party services.

Ads/ Contents by Third Party

Please note that we may from time to time provide contents by third party which are required for enabling certain services in our website/ mobile application, we may also provide advertisement from third parties on our application. We however do not endorse these third parties. If you intend to accept the services from such third parties, you must read their terms and conditions along with the privacy policy before accepting the services. We will not be responsible for any losses arising due to the same.


We only provide you with the courses relating to the topics which are selected by you. While we strive to encapsulate all the important content in a specific course, we do guarantee or accept any responsibility for your results after undertaking the course. It is necessary that you practice what you learn in the course. The website/ mobile application as well as the information is on “AS IS” basis. We do not provide any representation or warranties in either express or implied. We do not warrant the quality of services including timely update, error free, uninterrupted services. Neither we, nor our representatives will be liable for any special, incidental, direct, punitive, indirect, or consequential damages or losses which are suffered by you due to breach of the Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy or due to using the services on our website/ mobile application.


If due to any reason, we decide that your account is required to be terminated, we will inform you of taking such decision. You will not be refunded any amount for any incomplete ongoing course. However, you will have the right to inform us if you believe that your account had been compromised. In such a case we will verify the details of your device and the ip address along with other necessary details. It will however be our discretion to resume your account. The account may be terminated immediately in certain circumstances, including but not limited to a situation wherein:

  1. You attempt to access the account in any unauthorized manner, attempt to damage the website/ mobile application, attempt to scrape website data, attempt to introduce any malicious software. We will also initiate the necessary legal proceedings, as required in such a situation.
  2. You attempt to transfer the account to a third-party account.
  3. You violate any Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy
  4. You attempt to use your account for commercial purposes.

Deletion of information/ account

Please note that by simply deactivating your account/ logging out/ deleting the application, your account is not removed from our servers. If you intend to delete your account permanently, you will need to reach us at support@qrocity.com .

Moderators and Grievance Redressal

We will have active moderators on our website/ mobile application for regulating the content present on the website. We will also be introducing filters to reduce the possibility of the unwanted content on the website.

However, if you find any objectionable content on the website which you believe should not be present, please contact us at support@qrocity.com immediately with the link, screenshot and additional details of such content so that the necessary action can be undertaken by us. We will provide a response within a maximum period of 02 weeks to the member reporting such content. The final closure of the grievance may take additional time depending on the kind of grievance.

Forums/ Blogs

We will provide services relating to implementation of Forums and Blog posts for information purposes. The members will have an option to leave comments/ feedbacks on such posts. In case you find any objectionable comment present on either the blog post, or any objectionable material on the website, please contact us at support@qrocity.com so that the necessary action can be initiated.

Note: The final closure of the grievance may take additional time depending on the kind of grievance.

Copyright and Retransmission of Information

Www.qrocity.com as well as the design, content, and information present in the website exclusive of any content specifically provided by a third-party service provider is the exclusive property of Stem 126 and nothing in the Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy shall be construed as transferring or assigning of any such ownership rights to you or any other person/ entity. You further agree to not use the content provided in this Website/ mobile application for distributing/ broadcasting/ duplicating in any manner for any reason whatsoever. You further agree that you shall not re-post the content/ or any information relating to the website/ mobile application/ Stem 126 by any means, you will otherwise be liable for the actual as well as the punitive damages as determined by the owners of the Website and additional damages as determined by the Jurisdiction of Court.

You hereby agree and affirm that you shall not resell, redistribute, broadcast or transfer any information/ content of the website in any searchable/ machine readable database without prior authorization us in writing exclusively for such action. You further agree and affirm that you shall not rent, lease, sub-license, distribute, transfer, copy, reproduce, publicly display, publish, store or share any part of the Website including the content therein, in any manner other than where such content is allowed to be sharable by a share button present in the Website. You further agree to not remove/ alter/ obscure any copyright, legal, or proprietary content/service in whole or in part of the Website without prior written authorization by us for such specific purpose which may also include additional fee other than prior written consent.

Delay in providing services including Force Majeure events

Neither the website/ mobile application (including its directors, employees, affiliates, agents, representatives, service providers, or sub-contractors) nor Stem 126 shall be liable for any loss or liability resulting, directly or indirectly, from any delays or interruptions because of any electronic or mechanical equipment failures, website/application update or maintenance, internet failures, server issues including overloaded servers, or any Force Majeure events including defects, weather, strikes, walkouts, fire, Acts of God, riots, armed conflicts, weather, or other likely causes. The Website or Stem 126 shall have no accountability in such matters. However, we shall strive to resume such content/ services as quickly as possible.


These Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy of the website/ mobile application will be governed by the laws of India.

These Terms and Conditions and privacy Policy of the website/ mobile application will be governed by the laws of United States of America.


We shall notify you about your courses/ updates/ account information through sms/ calls/ email / push notifications and whatsapp. You may inform us if you prefer a specific communication method.

We shall also notify you about ongoing promotions/ new updates/ discounts/ referral programs along with other promotional content through sms/ calls/ email/ push notifications or whatsapp upon receiving your consent. You are also free to unsubscribe from any promotional content completely or specifically to a communication method at any time by either using the unsubscribe button or by contacting us at support@qrocity.com .

Updates to the Terms and Conditions

We occasionally update these Terms and Conditions in accordance to the services rendered by us, and in accordance to the relevant laws. Please take time to review these Terms and Conditions periodically to understand about any new changes in the Terms and Conditions.


You shall at no point assign or transfer any of the rights or obligations accrued by you by using this website/ mobile application. Any such transfer or assignment shall be termed null and void. We have the right to assign or transfer our rights/ obligations in our favour at our sole discretion without restriction.


Unless specified otherwise, any delay or failure by us in exercising any rights/ remedies arising out of the Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy or within the website/ mobile application, shall not constitute as a waiver. We shall have the right to exercise such right in future and it shall not prevent us from further exercising such rights.


You acknowledge that your representations, undertakings, including indemnity, liability, obligations, abiding to the laws, and agreeing to these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy shall survive the termination of your account.


In case any provisions of these Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy is held illegal or unenforceable due to legality or enforceability, the remaining provisions shall continue to be effective. We shall however we may substitute such invalid provision with a similar provision which is able to encapsulate the original understanding of the invalidated provision while abiding with the applicable laws.

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