Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This website/ mobile application in the name of is made available by Stem 126 (“our”, “us”, “we”, “Company”), having its registered office at Santa Clara. In order to provide you with the content/ media/ services we require certain information and data from you.

We may revise this privacy policy (“Policy”) from time to time, therefore, we request you to keep visiting this page on a regular basis to take notice of any changes made. By accessing or using our services in this website/ mobile application and further by registering your account on this website/ mobile application, you agree to be bound by the Policy and the Terms and Conditions which is accessible here. If you do not agree with any part of this Policy or the Terms and Conditions, then please stop using our services immediately.

This Policy may use the terms present in the Terms and Conditions, if any words are not defined in this Policy, it shall mean the same as provided in the Terms and Conditions.

Contact Information

If you have any grievances/ questions regarding treatment of your data. Please feel free to contact us at

Data Collected

We collect the data in the ways listed hereinbelow. This provides us to improve our services as well as content provided by us and to make the website more user friendly by updating the contents of the website.

Data you input in the Website/ mobile application:

  1. Personal Data
    1. We collect the data you provide us when you create/ update/ login to your account in the website/ mobile application. This includes all the data you provide, including but not limited to the name, email id, and mobile number, if required. We may also require you to provide specific ID proof to verify the information provided by you or for using a new feature in our website/ mobile application in future.
    2. We also collect the data when you update or access your account in our website/ mobile application. This includes any changes you made in your account, your session history etc.
    3. Social media registration – We also provide accessing this website/ mobile application by registering through social media account/ mail account. This includes access through Facebook, Twitter, and Google accounts. If you choose the login/ register your account on this website/ mobile application through such social media account/ mail account, then we would be able to associate your account on this website/ mobile application with such social media account/ mail account.
    4. Any additional data you provide while using the services, including but not limited to posting on the website/ mobile application as comments/ messages.
    5. If you call our call centres, we may record the information provided by you to provide the necessary services or record calls for training and quality purposes and to provide the remedy for grievances faced by you. We may also record the details relating to the calls including the duration of the call, for training purpose.
    6. We also record the information you provide as feedback/ issues/ concerns/ requests on the live chat/ email/ app store page or through email.

Note:  If any account is being created for a minor, their guardian/ parent may need to provide their own email address/ mobile number for registration purposes while using the name of the minor who is being registered for the courses. Further, please note that you may not be able to change the name once you have submitted the same as the certification for the courses will be in the name of the member. In case you made a mistake while providing the name, please reach us on This however may not be possible if the member has already completed a course.

  1. General Data Collection (Non-Personal Data)
    1. We collect the data you input in the website/ mobile application when you use the search box/ hyperlinks present.
    2. We also record your input for any information you provide in referral programs/ discount codes which are offered by us directly or indirectly.
    3. The information provided by you as a feedback may also be collected without including personal information for improving our services.

How is this Data used?

This data is used for providing the necessary services and content present in our website/ mobile application. This is necessary as a part of registration process to access our services and it also provides an option to auto fill your information within our website. Further, your mobile number/ email address may be used to verify uniquely identify you so as to prevent fraud and unauthorized access to your account. This may also include you to provide the details of one time password (OTP) sent to your registered email id/ mobile number for accessing and for verification purposes.

Data we collect from your usage of our services:

Geolocation data:

We collect the location when you use our services in the following ways:

  1. Personal Data
    1. IP Address
    2. Location details as required to authenticate the location of the member

Note: The IP Address, machine details, and browser details will be shared with our partners providing the services. In case of a mobile application, the application version, unique device identifiers, the operating system, software details of the mobile will also be shared.

  1. Non-Personal Data
    1. Pincode
    2. Masked IP Address

Note: The Non-Personal data will be collected without attaching any personal identification of the member in an anonymous manner to improve our services.

How we use this data-

We use the data to understand the usage traffic of our website/ mobile application. We also use this data to authenticate that the member is using the services from the location where the member had purchased the course from. You may not be able to use the services in case you change your country without requesting in advance for change of location. Please make sure that if you change your country, we may or may not be able to provide services to such country. Further, the cost of courses and the currency used may also change depending on the new location.

Phone Book Contacts/ Social network public friend list (Personal Data)

When you grant us access to the phone book contacts present in your mobile device, we are able to access and store the same. We may also be able to access friend list of your social network account if you choose to register your account through such social network account and grant us access to the contacts.

How we use this data:

We may use this data to provide you an option to invite your contacts to use the services on our website/ mobile application. We may also use this data to notify you when a known contact subscribes to our services.

Application Data (Non-Personal Data)

We collect the log information when you access the application / website and which pages were viewed, type of browser, and information relating to third party sites accessed through which you were able to learn about our website. For example- Google Search

(Additional for mobile application)

We also collect data relating to the mobile device you are using for access our application, this would include the device information, phone model number, operating system and version, software, preferred language, serial numbers, and advertiser identifiers. Further, we may also collect the data relating to the installed applications on your mobile device.

Note: We will also automatically collect this information should you choose to send a diagnostic report of the application / website by clicking the button for the same or if the website/ application crashes while operating the same.

How we use this data:

The device information collected is for authenticating your login from a known device, this also provides us necessary information to provide improved services for a specific operating system. Further, it also provides us the necessary changes required in the application so that it can be compatible with your device. The information relating to the installed application is also required for provide direct shortcut to a social media application/ communication application, should you choose to share a any specific information which is sharable in accordance to the Terms and Conditions.

Transaction information – (Personal Data)

We collect the details relating to the transaction information for purchasing courses present in our website/ mobile application, including the type of course requested, date and time when the course was purchased. If you use a promo code was used for discount, then we may also associate your name to such person whose promo code was used. The card/ bank details will not be saved unless you choose to save the same on the website/ mobile application.

We may also provide pre-paid wallet services in future for your convenience.

How we use this data:

This data is used to authenticate and confirm your purchase of any course present on our website/ mobile application. The card/ bank/ payment details will only be saved if you decide to do the same, and will only be used for providing convenience to the member for a faster checkout for the next purchase.

Note: Please note that the external payment gateways for payments such as Stripe and Paypal have their own privacy policy and terms and conditions. We do not have any control over how the third party treats your data. Therefore, please make sure to go through their privacy policy and terms and conditions before accepting the same.

Storage permission (mobile application)

We will need a member to provide storage permission for saving certain media/ documents within the mobile application or for downloading the same on the device this would include the coding guidelines and the handbook for the course purchased by the member. However, any such document which is downloadable is copyrighted and should only be used for non-commercial personal use of the member.

Sharing of articles to external websites/ blogs/ social networks/ third party

The members will have an option to share certain articles/ blog posts/ ideas present on our website by using a share button specifically designed for sharing such material. We receive and retain the details of the methods through which such articles/ blog posts/ ideas are shared by a member. Further, the link created for sharing may also provide a referral member id of the member which would provide us the information of the member who shared such content.

Data we collect from using data collection software and automatically (Non-Personal Data)


We use the “Cookie” technology for providing the services necessary for accessing the courses on our website and mobile application. A cookie is a small piece of data/ text file stored by the browser on your computer/device, at the request of our server. We use cookies to deliver content specific to your interest. The usage of cookies and other sources of tracking assists us in:

  1. Providing the necessary functionality to run the courses within the website/ mobile application.
  2. Measuring visitor’s traffic to our website and the usage pattern to better assist the member in providing the necessary services.
  3. To store information of preferences of a member, so as to allow customization of our website as per the interest of the member.
  4. To speed up the services preferred by the member
  5. To recognise the member when the member logs in from the device used before.
  6. Improving security
  7. Reducing fraudulent activities

The Cookies collect the information in an anonymous form, and are also essential for use of storing the session id of the member using our website/ mobile application. The cookies are mandatory to be enabled for undertaking courses. Please note that if you choose to disable the cookies on the website/mobile application, then the services provided within the courses will not be able to run until the cookies are re-enabled.

Note: Please note that some cookies may be deleted at the end of your session within our website, while other cookies may remain on your device to provide quicker services. We may provide you an option to block some cookies, however the cookies essential for running our website/mobile application are always enabled which otherwise will not allow you to run the courses in the website.

Additional information (Non-Personal Data)

We will also collect the sessions data of a member, log data, web traffic, age groups of the members. This data will not have any personal information attached to the same and will be used to improve the services provided by us.

Publication of scores/achievements of Member

We may post the achievements of a member in competitive examinations wherein the member has achieved good score in such examinations. We will only publish such data after taking due consent of the member. Such publication may be limited to our website and our blog. We may also public the name of the member and their score in advertisement with prior consent of the member.

Publication of articles/ ideas of member

We may publish the ideas/ articles/ essays of a member after taking due consent from such member. The publishing would be done within our website and our blog.

Information collected from other sources:

We may collect your information from other sources such as your interaction with products and services, and third parties, including, but not limited to:

  1. Referral links
  2. Search engines
  3. Publicly available sources
  4. Service providers and partners


We may provide an option for advertisement of related third party services/ products to improve the experience of the member while undergoing a course in our website/ mobile application. Any content provided by third parties are the intellectual property of such party. We do not endorse these ads/services. Further, if you accept any services of such third parties, such arrangement shall solely be between you and the third party, we shall not be responsibility for the same.

Note: While we will moderate the ads which will be implemented within the website/ mobile application, any accountability of the quality of ads would be on the advertisers/ advertising agencies providing such ads. In case you find any ad which you believe should not be present on the website, please contact us immediately with the screenshot of the advertisement along with any additional information and report the issue via email to . We will suspend such ad on urgent basis if the ad is of a fraudulent nature or should not be present on our website and subsequently, we will respond to the member regarding such report within a period of 2 weeks. Once we are able to conclude the issue, we will take the necessary actions against the advertiser/ advertising agency.


We will be introducing a website/ application based achievement module termed as “Gamification” which will provide the you with achievement titles based on the types of courses undertaken by the you. This will also vary based on your completion of a specific course. We will also be implementing group based activities wherein the members will be able to see each other’s achievements within the website/ mobile application. The achievement title will also be visible under your name when you comment on our blog. You will have an option to disable the same.

Data sharing with third-parties:

We share your information with third parties where the services of third parties are used within our application or website. The following information may be shared with third parties:

  1. Validating and authenticating documents provided by you, in case the same is required.
  2. For providing the live chat services within our application.
  3. For providing the services through the learning management system
  4. For providing usage information to a third party when you pay through an external payment method. Note: The usage of information with such third party is subject to their own privacy policies and are not within our control. We highly recommend you to go through their privacy policies before agreeing to use their services.

Note: We employ industry standard techniques to protect against unauthorized access of data about you that we store, including personal information. However, the data will be shared with our partners for providing the necessary services in our website. The following companies are provided information of your data which is protected in accordance to their own Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Please go through the same from the links provided hereinbelow to understand how they handle your information:

  1. Amazon Web Services

The Amazon Web Services provide with the cloud storage technology for the data.

The Privacy Policy of AWS can be accessed from:

The Terms of AWS can be accessed from:

  1. Zopim

Zopim provides with the necessary live chat services and will also have access to the name, information, machine details, browser details along with the IP Address.

The policies and procedures of Zopim can be accessed from:

  1. Talent LMS

We use the services of Talent LMS for providing with the learning management system of our website. Talent LMS will have access to the necessary data of the member for management of the course undertaken by the member.

The Terms of Service of Talent LMS can be accessed from:

The Privacy Policy of Talent LMS can be accessed from:

  1. We will be providing multiple payment methods for purchasing our courses. Please go through the terms and conditions and privacy policy of your preferred payment method before proceeding. For your convenience we are providing the details of two of our preferred payment methods, please visit the website to understand their terms of service and privacy policy before using the same:
  2. Stripe

  1. Paypal

Data sharing with law enforcement

In case a governmental authority or law enforcement office requires or requires any information which is necessary. We will disclose such information in order to comply with the necessary laws, regulations, legal processes as required.

Children’s Privacy

We recommend the parents/ guardians of minors to provide with their contact information while creating an account in the name of the minor. No email account/ mobile should be registered in the name of the minor if the minor is not eligible for the same. If we find out that the details provided are of the minor who is not eligible for the same, we will take steps to delete the information and terminate the account.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

We occasionally update this Policy in accordance to the services rendered by us, and in accordance to the relevant laws. Please take time to review this Policy periodically to understand about any new changes in the Policy.

Your rights regarding the data:

We care about your privacy. Please feel free to contact us at if you wish to exercise any of your rights under the Policy. You shall have the following rights:

  1. Right to rectify any personal data information

In the event where the personal data provide by you is inaccurate, incomplete, or is outdate, then you have the right to provide us with the correct data. We recommend you to always provide us with the correct/ updated information so that the services provided by us are consistent and accurate.

  1. Right to withdraw consent relating to personal information

You have the right to withdraw consent to providing your personal information by closing down your account with us. However, we shall have the right to retain the data until necessary in accordance to the law. Further, in case of any legal dispute arising, we will need to retain the data until the period the such dispute ends.

  1. Promotion emails and messages

We use email/ sms/ call/ push notifications/ whatsapp for notifying you regarding latest offering, discounts, referrals,  and updates if you provide us with the consent for the same. You may opt out of receiving such promotional emails by writing to us.

This however will not affect the emails which are required to be sent, including emails/sms/ calls/ push notifications regarding tech support requested, account information, subscriber information, and password reset requests, along with other necessary communication. Please feel free to let us know if you prefer a specific method of communication.

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