Knowledge City

At Qrocity, we aim to instill tech and 21st century skills to the current generation of learners blending cutting-edge technologies with revolutionary learning techniques. This is made possible through multiple online courses spanning across numerous interactive sessions.

Our Mission

To help every child develop STE(A)M skills by empowering mentors/educators.

Our Vision

A world full of “technocrats” and global leaders capable of making life’s every aspect better and sustainable for themselves and the society without a formal degree.

Our Story

While searching for the best online courses for the kids, we came across many options that looked like clones of each other. Each course offered lessons in either dull and unresponsive or didn’t offer any scope of assessment. Most of them were simply designed to impress the teachers and parents. A very few worked on actually making the sessions for kids nourishing and interesting while eliminating the drawbacks of online learning. 

This is when we decided to break the plateau of digital learning by introducing a better alternative. 

A team of technocrats, industry leaders, educationalists, content creators, instructional designers, and coders started working in synergy for this purpose. This is how Qrocity came into existence. Now, our team is still passionately involved in the process of further enhancing every sphere of this platform.

How Qrocity is Different

Teacher-free environment

We have created an environment where the quality of teacher (unknown person) would not hamper the learning outcome. The student will also not feel intimidated with the presence of a teacher and also prevent all forms of abuse that might occur in the online classes.

Support Service

We are there at every step to support our learners and provide the necessary help.

STEM-based teaching

Infusing all concepts of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in the course offerings ensures wholesome learning.

Easy-to-understand language

We believe in teaching every module in the simplest language possible. Learning becomes fun when the concepts are taught in the form of storyline using animations (specific to certain age groups) and other exciting mediums with real world connect.

Ongoing assessment

Rather than relying on assessments that happen after the completion of a course or a session, we have introduced ongoing assessment in the courses. This will help us make the feedback close to real time.

Engagement of the Learners

Assessments and Competitions will form the core of the learning management. The system will encourage collaboration and instill leadership skills. Personalized Learning: Learning becomes satisfactory when it is self-paced and personalized reporting is available.

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