Qrocity: Game Development – Lesson Plan for Session 1

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Congratulations on registering     for . We are excited to empower your child with Game Development skills. Before beginning the course, we recommend showing your child the Game Development teaser and learning resources video. The links to all of the videos that you and your child should watch are listed below:

Please find below the lesson plan and learning objectives for Session 1.

Objective: Introduction to the world of gaming and exploring a game development software

Overview of the session: In this session, Learners will be introduced to a new career opportunity as a “Game Developer” by studying a simple and easy 2D Game Development platform. This session’s discussion topics are listed below.

  • Benefits of Virtual Games
  • Understanding the significance of 2D software in game design
  • Exploring Construct 3 – Game Development Software

Keywords:  Physical Games, Virtual Games, Construct 3 – 2D Game Development Software

Expected Learning Outcomes:

  • A better understanding of the factors required for game design
  • Various Gaming Platforms
  • How to create an account on Construct -3 Online Mode

Session’s Particulars Details:

Best wishes for the session. If you have any questions, please contact us via chat and a member of our support team will respond as soon as possible.

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