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The Future of E-learning: WHAT, WHY & HOW

For years, e-learning has attempted to complement the way we learn in order to make it more effective and measurable. It’s past time for us to realize that eLearning is here to stay.

The rapid growth of e-learning

Over the last decade, e-learning has grown significantly as the internet and education have merged to provide people with the possibility to learn new skills. Online learning has grown more important in people’s lives after

Adaptive Learning Algorithms

The term “adaptive learning” refers to the process of using algorithms to tailor learning to the needs of a person. It entails observing the learner’s actions in order to construct the interventions needed during the learning process.

More focus on Social-Emotional Learning

With increasing frequency, social-emotional learning (SEL) is getting renewed attention — in research, in policy, and in the classroom. So, What is social-emotional learning?