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The Future of E-learning: WHAT, WHY & HOW

For years, e-learning has attempted to complement the way we learn in order to make it more effective and measurable. It’s past time for us to realize that eLearning is here to stay.

Top tips for searching online coding classes for your kids

Coding is poised to become a universal language soon. It will be as vital as learning English or any local language. A lot of parents already understand the role of coding—-which is why

Qrocity Online Courses: Why do schools choose us for STEM Learning?

Covid has been successful in closing down all of our country’s educational institutes, which is why many educators are struggling to find new ways to make learning fun and useful for students through online classes.

Blended Learning is the Way Forward

As several colleges and universities plan to continue online learning into the spring, thousands of students will be able to learn from home for the next year.